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Mike Posner
Mike Posner

Mike Posner is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. He released his debut album in August 2010 and has written a number of songs for a great many fellow […]

Zorina Dimitrova is the managing director of HealnLearn
What Does A Meaningful Job Mean To You?

You must have noticed the subtle but great worldly movement towards doing something with purpose. It is very likely driven by the millennials entering the workforce. People, for whom earning […]

BLUblox REMedy Sleep Mask
BLUblox REMedy Sleep Mask Review

The REMedy Sleep Mask is made by BLUblox, who are famous for their blue light blocking glasses. We were excited to try it out as we don’t have blackout blinds […]

BLUblox BluLite
BLUblox BluLite Computer Glasses Review

The BLUblox BluLite are computer glasses which are designed to reduce the blue light and glare given off by digital devices. We’ve already reviewed the Sleep+ and the SummerGLO BLUblox […]

BLUblox SummerGLO Glasses
BLUblox SummerGLO Glasses Review

Today we’re going to be reviewing the popular BLUblox SummerGLO blue light blocking glasses for daytime use. We’re big fans of the whole BLUblox range here at HUMAN WINDOW and […]