Are Aries And Pisces Compatible In A Relationship?

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Updated on 17 May 2023
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Are Aries and Pisces compatible in relationships?

Aries is a fire sign known for their energy, passion and assertiveness, while Pisces is a water sign, known for their sensitivity, empathy, and artistic nature.

Although the pair are not generally considered to be an ideal match, an Aries-Pisces relationship can be a unique, exciting and successful, provided that both are willing to put in the effort to make things work.

In this article, we’re going to delve a little bit deeper into the complexities of an Aries-Pisces match-up in relationships and life. But before we get into the details, remember that star sign compatibility is not necessarily make or break. There are lots of other determining factors that can influence the success of a relationship.

“Although star sign compatibility can provide insight into potential challenges and strengths, ultimately, the success of a relationship depends on the individuals involved and their ability to communicate, compromise, and work through conflicts,” explains astrologer Matthias Dettmann.

“Zodiac signs can offer general insights into personality traits, communication styles, and values, but it’s important to remember that each person is unique and can deviate from their sign’s typical characteristics. In addition, compatibility is not just about astrological signs, but also involves factors such as shared interests, life goals, values, and communication styles.”

So, what makes Aries and Pisces a unique and special match? We asked a select group of astrology experts and professionals to get their take on an Aries-Pisces partnership. Here’s what they said.

Aries And Pisces Aren’t Always A Good Match

Matthias Dettmann, Astrologer and founder of

Aries and Pisces are very different signs with unique personalities, approaches to life, and needs in a relationship. While they can be attracted to each other’s unique qualities, it’s not always a guaranteed good match.

Aries is a fire sign, known for their energy, passion, and assertiveness. They are natural leaders and enjoy taking charge of situations. Pisces, on the other hand, is a water sign, known for their sensitivity, empathy, and artistic nature. They are more intuitive and prefer to go with the flow rather than assert their will.

This fundamental difference in approach to life can cause conflict in an Aries-Pisces relationship. Aries may feel frustrated by Pisces’ lack of direction or assertiveness, while Pisces may feel overwhelmed or steamrolled by Aries’ strong personality.

Additionally, Aries may value independence and freedom more than Pisces, who may crave emotional closeness and intimacy. This can create a power dynamic in the relationship that may be difficult to navigate.

Aries tend to be natural leaders who are confident and fearless. They can also be impulsive, aggressive, and self-centered at times. They value independence and tend to act on their instincts rather than overthinking things. They are generally open to new experiences and are not afraid of taking risks.

On the other hand, Pisces are often emotional, sensitive, and intuitive. They tend to be creative and artistic and have a deep connection to their emotions. Pisces can also be indecisive, unrealistic, and overly emotional at times. They value harmony and tend to avoid conflict. They are generally empathetic and compassionate and have a strong desire to help others.

Aries Pisces Compatible Signs

Aries and Pisces can make a good match when they learn to understand and appreciate each other’s unique qualities (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Overall, while an Aries-Pisces relationship can have its ups and downs, it’s not necessarily a good match for everyone. However, despite their differences, these two signs can complement each other well if they are willing to work on their communication and understand each other’s needs.

Aries And Pisces Can Help Each Other Grow

Raquel Rodriguez, founder of Your Zodiac

Aries and Pisces can be a good match, as they bring different strengths and qualities to a relationship that can complement each other.

In a romantic relationship, Aries can help Pisces be more assertive, confident, and focused on achieving their goals. Pisces, in turn, can help Aries to be more in touch with their emotions, and be more empathetic and understanding towards others.

When it comes to friendships, the relationship between Aries and Pisces is more challenging compared to romantic relationships. However, as both of these zodiac signs bring different perspectives and approaches to life, their friendship can be a great opportunity for growth and learning.

The main advantage of an Aries-Pisces relationship is the balance that they can bring to each other’s lives.

Aries is known for their bold, assertive energy and their passion for life. They are natural leaders who are not afraid to take risks and pursue their dreams with gusto.

Pisces, on the other hand, is a deeply intuitive and empathetic sign. They are highly sensitive and attuned to the emotions of those around them.

One benefit of an Aries-Pisces relationship is the deep sense of loyalty and devotion that both signs share. This creates a strong foundation for a lasting and meaningful connection, where both partners can feel secure and loved.

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces is a water sign (Photo: Adobe Stock)

However, there are also some potential challenges to consider. Aries can be impulsive and impatient, while Pisces can be indecisive and prone to emotional ups and downs. Aries may find Pisces to be too sensitive or passive at times, while Pisces may feel overwhelmed by Aries’ strong personality.

Another potential issue is the risk of codependency. Pisces can be very nurturing and supportive and they may find themselves taking care of Aries’ needs to the point where they neglect their own. Aries, on the other hand, can become too demanding and controlling, which can suffocate Pisces’ desire for independence and freedom.

Aries and Pisces Must Be Willing To Embrace Their Differences

Tiffany McGee, Founder of Nomadrs

Aries and Pisces can make a great match when they learn to understand and appreciate each other’s unique qualities. When they are able to do this, Aries and Pisces can form a strong bond that can enrich their lives in many ways.

For example, Aries can bring passion, excitement, and a sense of adventure to Pisces’ life. Pisces on the other hand, can offer Aries emotional depth, intuition, and a more reflective perspective.

For Aries and Pisces to make a great match, they need to be willing to embrace each other’s differences and communicate openly and honestly about their needs and expectations. Aries should learn to be more patient and sensitive to Pisces’ feelings, while Pisces can work on being more assertive and standing up for themselves when necessary.

Keep in mind that zodiac sign compatibility is just one factor in a relationship and that every individual is unique. Don’t let astrology be the sole determinant of whether or not a relationship has potential – instead, use it as a tool to gain insights into the strengths and challenges of both Aries and Pisces.

Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries is a fire sign (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Aries And Pisces Have Different Approaches To Life

Ankush Wadhwa, founder of

Aries and Pisces are two signs with very different characteristics and traits, which can make their compatibility a bit challenging. Aries is a fire sign, while Pisces is a water sign, and these elements can clash and create conflicts. However, with effort and understanding, an Aries-Pisces relationship can work.

Pisces Star Sign

Pisces season is between around February 19 to March 20 (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Some of the pros of an Aries-Pisces relationship include the potential for a deep emotional connection, with Aries providing passion and excitement, and Pisces offering sensitivity and compassion. Aries can also help Pisces become more confident and assertive, while Pisces can help Aries become more empathetic and understanding.

Some of the cons of an Aries-Pisces relationship include the potential for clashes due to their different personalities and approaches to life. Aries can sometimes be too impulsive and aggressive for Pisces’ taste, while Pisces can sometimes be too passive and indecisive for Aries. Communication can also be an issue, as Aries tends to be direct and straightforward, while Pisces can be more indirect and emotional.

If you’re doing your own research into Aries and Pisces compatibility, it’s important to consider other factors. Look at your individual personalities, values, and communication styles, as well as your goals and priorities in life. Consider how you handle conflicts and disagreements, and whether you are willing to put in the effort to make the relationship work.

Aries and Pisces

Aries and Pisces (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Pisces Can Help Aries Be More Reflective

Solaris The Hii Priestess, Astrologer And Tarot Reader

Aries and Pisces have several differences, one of which is their respective positions as the youngest and oldest signs in the zodiac. Being ruled by the first house, Aries has a natural tendency towards self-interest and assertiveness, while Pisces, governed by the 12th house, is often characterised by their willingness to suffer for the sake of others’ comfort.

This placement also speaks to their strong connection to the karmic energies of the universe, which adds another layer of complexity to their personalities. To begin with, Aries is associated with the element of fire, and Pisces is ruled by water. Though these two elements may seem incompatible, the truth is that compatibility is not necessarily determined by elemental associations alone, but by the way they interact with one another.

With the right approach and understanding of their respective traits, there can potentially be a powerful alchemy between fire and water, like how fire can boil water.

Aries Star Sign

Aries season is between around March 21 to April 19 (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Some of the key traits of Aries include being energetic, impulsive, and assertive. They tend to take charge in a relationship and can be quite decisive. On the other hand, Pisces are more intuitive, emotional, and tend to be more introspective in their thinking. They may have a more passive approach to decision-making.

There are several pros to the Aries-Pisces dynamic. Aries can provide the structure and direction that Pisces may need to turn their ideas into reality. Pisces, in turn, can help Aries to be more reflective and in tune with their emotions.

However, there are also potential cons to the pairing. Aries can at times be insensitive and impatient, which can hurt the delicate emotional nature of Pisces. Pisces may struggle with the assertiveness of Aries, feeling unable to assert themselves and speak their truth.

Ultimately, whether or not a relationship between Aries and Pisces will work depends on the individuals involved and their level of commitment and communication with one another and use alchemy to make their difference work and challenge growth.

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