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Best Night Routine
Tips For Creating Better Sleep Habits

It’s well known that getting regular, restorative sleep is one most important foundations for good overall health. However, the modern world can sometimes make it difficult to switch off and […]

Indoor Cycling
Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling

Indoor and outdoor cycling. They both involve wheels and pedals, and are similar forms of exercise. But despite their obvious similarities, there are also quite a few differences between the […]

What Muscles Does Running Work?
What Muscles Does Running Work?

Running is a great form of exercise that has many benefits. But have you ever wondered exactly which muscles running works the most? We asked a selected group of experts […]

Rowing vs Running
Rowing vs Running

What are some of the pros and cons of rowing vs running? You probably already know that both of these popular forms of exercise have their own advantages and disadvantages […]

Swimming vs Running
Swimming vs Running

Swimming and Running are both popular forms of exercise and sport. They both have their pros and cons, but what are some of the main things to bear in mind […]

Dynamic stretching vs Static stretching
Dynamic Stretching vs Static Stretching

There are several different types of Stretching, all of which can be great for improving flexibility and other things. But what about Dynamic Stretching vs Static Stretching? If you’re trying […]

Shoulder Injury
How To Prevent Shoulder Injury

For gym goers, there is no bigger annoyance than a muscle injury. A strain or sprain doesn’t just set back a workout plan, and potentially undo hard-won ‘gains’, but left […]