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Updated on August 21, 2019

Casper or Purple? If you’re asking this question, then you’re probably struggling to pick between these two popular memory foam mattress options.

Both Casper and Purple are two well-established brands in the memory foam mattress scene, but which one is best for you?

We’ve decided to put Casper and Purple against each other in this detailed comparison guide to help you figure out which one is likely to be better suited to your needs.

We’re going to pay close attention to what each mattress is made of, what it feels like to sleep on and see if they both make it onto our list of the best memory foam mattresses on sale right now.

There are now more choices than ever when it comes to memory foam mattresses, and although the extra options are great, it can sometimes make it a bit more tricky to pick out the right product for you.

We’re going to break this article up into the following section:

• Casper – The Basics
• Purple – The Basics
• What Is The Mattress Made Of?
• What Does the Mattress Feel Like?
• Casper vs Purple – Our Recommendation
• Anything Else To Consider?
• Wrapping Things Up – Final Thoughts

So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s start taking a closer look at Casper vs Purple to see which one comes out on top.

Casper – The Basics

Product website:

The Casper Original Mattress

The Casper Original Mattress (Photo: Casper)

The Casper brand has been around since 2014, making them one of the more established manufacturers in the ‘bed in a box’ scene.

Since their launch, they have branched out to provide other types of mattresses, but this page is going to focus on the Casper Original.

The Casper Original is a memory foam combo mattress that uses four different layers of foam for its construction.

The Casper starts at $595 for a Twin and goes all the way up to $1,195 for a King Size, if you’re buying from the official website. This makes it a mid-range memory foam mattress.

The Casper is 12 inches thick, which is a couple of inches more than the standard mattresses in this category, which tend to be around 10 inches thick.

Their flagship mattress also offers something called ‘zoned’ support. This basically means that certain parts of the mattress have a softer feel than others to offer more ‘give’ around key areas such as the hips and shoulders.

Purple – The Basics

Product website:

The Purple Mattress has two layers of memory foam under the Smart Comfort Grid

The Purple Mattress (Photo: Purple)

Like Casper, Purple are one of the big players in the memory foam mattress industry.

They have been around since 2016 so are a slightly newer company than Casper, but they have established themselves as one of the more reputable brands out there.

The Purple has something of a unique design, because it uses a special type of ‘pressure grid’ towards the top of the mattress to offer instant pressure relief when you lie on it.

This is called the ‘Smart Comfort Grid’ and it has been specifically designed to flex under pressure to make sure that the important parts of your body are properly supported.

The Purple is similar in price to the Casper. A Twin size will cost $649 if you’re buying from the official website, with a King size setting you back $1,299, if you’re buying from the official website.

The Purple has also been designed to be “temperature neutral”, which means that the manufacturers have actively attempted to address the problem of overheating which can be an issue with memory foam mattresses.

It’s 10 inches thick, which makes it about two inches thinner than the Casper.

What Is The Mattress Made Of?

Now that we’ve gone through the basic facts you need to know about both mattresses, it’s time to start taking a closer look at what each of them is made of.


The Casper uses four layers of foam to offer support and pressure relief throughout the night.

The top two layers include one of memory foam to help ease pressure and adapt to your body shape and dimensions.

Below that, there is a layer of ‘zoned’ poly foam. This means that this layer has been specifically cut to be firmer in some places and softer in others. The idea here is that your shoulders and hips, for example, will be properly supported.

The final layer is a thicker piece of high density poly foam to offer strong support and prevent sagging over time.

The four layers of the Casper Mattress (Photo: Casper)

The four layers of the Casper Mattress (Photo: Casper)

Here are the four main layers which make up the Casper Mattress:

1) Open Cell Foam – To offer comfort and pressure relief
2) Memory Foam – To help ease pressure
3) Zoned Poly Foam – To offer the right firmness just where you need it
4) High Density Poly Foam – To offer strong support where needed


The Purple uses three layers instead of Casper’s four.

The first one is the unique ‘smart comfort grid’ which has been specifically designed to offer instant pressure relief and contour to your body. The good thing about the grid is that it also encourages airflow and can help with cooling.

Below the grid is a layer of poly foam which has been placed to enhance the comfort of the grid above it.

And below that is a sturdy layer of high density poly foam to provide the support needed for a restful night’s sleep.

The Purple Mattress is made up of four different layers (Photo: Purple)

The Purple Mattress is made up of four different layers (Photo: Purple)

Here are the three layers that the Original Purple Mattress are made of:

1) Smart Comfort Grid – Unique to Purple, offering instant pressure relief
2) HD Polyurethane Foam – Soft foam to enhance the comfort of the Smart Comfort Grid
3) Medium-firm, HD Polyurethane Foam – To provide sturdy support throughout the night

What Does the Mattress Feel Like?

Let’s now focus on what each of these mattresses actually feels like.


Like most of the mattresses in this category, the Casper is rated as having a ‘medium-firm’ feel.

It has a slightly firmer feel than a lot of the other similar products out there. This means that it may be better suited to stomach and back sleepers.

However, the fact that Casper have chosen to offer zoned support in this product suggests that the mattress has actually be designed with side and back sleepers in mind.

Generally speaking, people who sleep on their sides prefer a softer mattress, with back and stomach sleepers tending to go for something firmer. The Casper is in the middle of the range here.


Like the Casper, the Purple is rated as a ‘medium-firm’ mattress.

That said, it certainly has a unique feel when compared to other similar mattresses out there right now.

The Smart Comfort Grid is really good at offering some instant pressure relief, allowing you to sink into the top two layers. However, the firmer foam beneath it ensures that you don’t end up feeling ‘stuck in the bed’.

The Purple is on the softer side when it comes to a direct comparison with the Casper, and the manufacturers claim that it is suited to all sleeping positions.

Casper vs Purple – Our Recommendation

So, which is right for you, the Casper or the Purple?

If you’re looking for a slightly firmer memory foam mattress that offers sturdy support throughout, then we’d recommend looking at the Casper.

On the other hand, if you’re after a somewhat softer mattress with some unique pressure relieving technology, then the Purple may be your best bet.

We do also like the fact that the Purple should sleep a bit cooler than the Casper because of the improved airflow throughout it.

All in all, though, we rate both of these mattresses pretty highly.

Anything Else To Consider?

The only way to be 100 per cent sure of whether a mattress is right for you or not is to sleep on it yourself for a few nights.

That’s why we always recommend that you make use of the 100 night home trials offered by both Casper and Purple.

If you’re not happy with the mattress during this time, you can return it for a full refund.

Wrapping Things Up – Final Thoughts

So, that brings us to the end of our look at Casper vs Purple.

We’ve walked you through the key things you need to know about these popular memory foam mattresses.

The Casper is a ‘classic’ memory foam mattress which should provide ‘medium-firm’ support throughout the night.

The Purple is similar, but offers a unique grid based layer at the top for enhanced pressure relief.

To summarize, you’re not going to go too far wrong by selecting either of these mattresses.

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