Casper Wave Mattress Review

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Human Window Staff
By Human Window Staff
Updated on August 07, 2019

Today we’re going to be reviewing the Casper Wave Mattress to see where it stands compared to other similar products.

The memory foam mattress market has exploded in recent years and that means more choice than ever when looking for products in this category.

The Casper brand has been around since 2014 and so are seen as one of the main players in the crowded memory foam mattress space.

Product website:

We’ve already reviewed the Casper Original and the Casper Essential mattress, so where does the Wave fit in?

This review is going to focus on all of the important things you need to know about the Casper Wave Mattress as we look to see where it stands in relation to the very best memory foam mattresses on the market right now.

We’re going to be paying particularly close attention to what it’s made of, how it feels, and what real customers are saying about after having slept on it themselves.

Picking the right memory foam mattress for you can be something of a daunting task, so we’re here to make you’re life easier.

So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s get down to business and start taking a closer look at the Casper Wave Mattress.

Casper Wave Mattress – The Basics

As we mentioned above, the Casper Wave Mattress is the third different memory foam mattress offered by Casper.

The Casper brand has been around for some years now and they are seen as one of the ‘founding fathers’ of the ‘bed in a box’ mattress market.

The Wave is the newest addition to the Casper line-up of mattresses, so how does it compare to their other two mattress products?

Firstly, the Wave is Casper’s ‘premium’ memory foam mattress offering. It’s considerably more expensive than most of the other products we’ve reviewed.

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If you’re shopping on the official website, a Twin Size will cost you $1,345 and a King will set you back $2,495.

The official website says that the Wave offers “luxurious comfort and cooling” and that it is Casper’s “most advanced” mattress.

The promotional material goes on to explain that the Wave uses gel pods for targeted support, helping you to enjoy a restful and restorative night’s sleep.

The website goes on to reveal that the Wave uses the “most advanced support” with precise contours to help relieve those aches and pains.

Importantly, the Wave has also been designed with cooling in mind. The promotional material says that the Wave “doubles down” on temperature regulation by using high air-flow perforations (mini holes) and a wool-infused cover.

It’s great to see that Casper have addressed the issue of cooling with the Wave. In case you didn’t know, memory foam mattresses have a bit of a reputation for being hotter than traditional alternatives.

The Casper Wave comes with a 100 night home trial, and a 10-year limited warranty. The home trial means that you can return the mattress for a refund if you’re not happy with it during the first 100 nights of use.

The Wave is made from five layers of foam and is 13 inches thick, which is considerably more than the 10-inch industry standard.

Let’s now take a look at the five layers of foam that make up the Wave Mattress:

1) Poly Foam – Soft comfort foam to add a ‘velvety’ feel.
2) Latex Foam – A breathable layer of latex foam to add some bounce.
3) Memory Foam – To relieve pressure and provide body contouring.
4) Poly Foam – With gel pods to offer zoned support for your hips and core.
5) High Density Poly Foam – Firm, high density poly foam to offer base-layer support.

The Casper Wave Mattress has five layers and is 13 inches thick (Photo: Casper)

The Casper Wave Mattress has five layers and is 13 inches thick (Photo: Casper)

We should also point out that the Casper Wave is also available with a ‘hybrid’ option. For an extra fee, you can add a layer of springs for extra support and comfort. This review, however, is focusing on the non-hybrid version of the Wave.

So, it all sounds pretty good to us so far. However, we prefer not to pay too much attention to what manufacturers are saying about their own products.

Instead, it’s generally better to focus on what a mattress actually feels like and what customers are saying about it. So, with that in mind, let’s now move on to the next important part of our Casper Wave review.

What Does The Casper Wave Mattress Feel Like?

The Wave certainly has a luxurious feel to it, thanks mainly to the extra layers of foam that are not found in most memory foam mattresses. It’s also worth nothing that at 13 inches thick, the Wave is considerably thicker than most of the standard memory foam mattresses out there.

This mattress is rated as a ‘medium-firm’ option, like most of the other similar products on sale right now.

It has a slightly softer feel than some of the other mattresses we’ve reviewed. The top layers allow you to sink for some pressure relief, but without the feeling of being ‘stuck in the bed’.

The Wave has a rating of around a 6 on the firmness scale, with 10 being ‘firm’ and 1 being ‘soft.

The fact that the Wave is somewhat softer than other similar products means that it is probably best suited to side sleepers, who usually require more give in the mattress to let their hips sink down.

Back and stomach sleepers would probably fare OK with the Wave, but they may be better off choosing the firmer Casper Essential instead. This is because back and stomach sleepers tend to prefer firmer mattresses in general.

The Casper Wave Mattress (Photo: Casper)

The Casper Wave Mattress (Photo: Casper)

The Positives

• Premium Quality – The Wave really does have a quality feel about it. The high price sets this mattress apart from most of the competitors from other brands in this space. But you can really see that Casper have focused on premium quality with this mattress.

• Soft But Supportive – The Wave feels slightly softer than the other Casper mattresses. However, despite the relaxing feeling of sinking in to the top layers of this mattress, it also offers enough support so you don’t end up feeling ‘stuck in the bed’.

• Reputable Brand – Casper has been around since 2014 and the brand is a reputable one. Many buyers feel more comfortable buying from an established brand rather than a newer player in the mattress market.

The Negatives

• High Price – There’s no getting away from the fact that the Casper Wave is a premium-priced product. Starting at $1,345 for a Twin, the Wave is certainly more pricey than a lot of the other memory foam options out there. It is worth keeping a close eye on the official Casper website, as they do offer some pretty good discounts and coupon codes from time to time.

• May Not Suit Stomach Sleepers – As the Casper Wave is a little softer than other options out there right now, it may not be suited for stomach sleepers, who generally prefer firmer mattresses. The more affordable Casper Essential may be a better choice if you’re a stomach sleeper.

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Casper Wave Mattress Reviews

As the Casper Wave is a relatively new product, there is not much in the way of customer feedback right now.

The Wave is available on as well as the official Casper Website, but there were not yet any reviews of it online.

It’s inevitable that some verified reviews will start to filter through as more and more people give it a go.

The official Casper Website features more than 1,600 reviews of the Casper Wave, and it has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

However, we generally tend to avoid drawing too many conclusions from the reviews that appear on official product websites, as they may be moderated or filtered.

Anything Else To Consider?

Remember that the only way to be sure whether a mattress is right for you is to try it out.

Like the rest of the Casper Range, the Wave comes with a 100-night home trial, meaning that you can return it for a refund during this time if you’re not happy with it.

As mentioned above, it’s also worth remembering that memory foam mattresses in general tend to feel a bit hotter than traditional mattresses. This is worth bearing in mind if you struggle with the heat at night.

Review Conclusion – Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of our Casper Wave review.

We were highly impressed by Casper’s premium mattress product.

If you’re prepared to pay a little bit extra for a high quality memory foam mattress that’s perfect for side sleepers, then look no further than the Wave.

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