Cutting Edge by Bulk Powders review

Human Window Staff
By Human Window Staff
Updated on January 30, 2019

Cutting Edge is a supplement made by the UK-based manufacturer Bulk Powders.

We’re always looking to hear about the latest supplements to hit the market. There are so many products on sale these days though, and that can sometimes make it difficult to pick the best supplements.

Cutting Edge is marketed as a top of the range supplement that’s been specifically formulated to help you on your fitness journey.

Bulk Powders have a strong reputation for producing good quality supplements for affordable prices, so we’re hoping that Cutting Edge lives up to the billing.

Before we get started, it’s important to realise that most of the supplements in this category, including the one featured on this page, have not been proven to help with fat loss and fat burning.

They are supplements designed to support your goals and that usually contain a number of plant extracts and other ingredients such as vitamins and minerals.

The purpose of this Cutting Edge review is to take a close look at this supplement to see whether it lives up to the hype or not.

We’re going to take a close look at all of the important points to see where this product stands when it comes to the best so-called ‘fat burner’ supplements on the market right now.

So, let’s kick things off by taking a close look at the basic information behind this product as we delve into the Cutting Edge formula to see what it’s really made of.

Cutting Edge by Bulk Powders – The Basics

We’ve already established that Cutting Edge fits into the broader range of supplements known as so-called ‘fat burners’. These are products which usually contain a selection of ingredients designed to help support you on your journey.

Bulk Powders describe Cutting Edge as their ‘premium’ product, and they also say that it’s their most effective supplement for helping you to hit your goals.

The manufacturer also say that they offer a full money-back guarantee, which is of course always a good thing. It means that they believe in their product.

Bulk Powders describe it as one of the UK’s best supplements, and boast that it uses 10 perfectly dosed ingredients to achieve the effects.

It seems that Bulk Powders have attempted to create a pretty premium product here. So now let’s drill down into the ingredients list to see if it lives up to the hype or not.

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The Ingredients

Let’s begin this section by taking a close look at the full ingredients label of Bulk Powders Cutting Edge.

The ingredients label for Bulk Powders Cutting Edge

As you can see for yourself, Cutting Edge uses 10 different ingredients in its formula.

The good thing that we noticed right away is that Bulk Powders have not chosen to use a proprietary blend. This is great news, and means that we know the full doses of the ingredients used.

Let’s now take a look through the main ingredients in this supplement to see how effective they are.

• Glucomannan – This is a good place to start for any supplement in this category. Glucomannan is a natural dietary fiber extracted from the root of the Konjac plant. At the dose it is found in Cutting Edge, it will help to contribute to weight loss in the context of an energy restricted diet.

• Green Coffee Extract – Another solid ingredient. Green (basically unroasted) coffee beans are rich in a substance called Chlorogenic Acid. It’s one of the most common ingredients for a supplement like this and we were happy to find it on the label.

• L-Phenylalanine – This is an essential amino acid that you must get from your diet, because your body doesn’t produce it naturally. However, we’ve not found it in too many similar supplements before and we’re not quite sure why it’s in Cutting Edge.

• Caffeine – A good ingredient for any supplement in this category. Caffeine is a popular stimulant that really needs no introduction. You probably already know all about it. It’s one of the most widely-researched ingredients around and it’s always good to find it in supplements in this category.

• Cinnamon Extract – This is a popular spice that you’ll find in your kitchen. There are some rumors that it could help, but we’ve not seen it in too many similar supplements before.

• Peppermint Leaf Powder – Another ingredient we’ve not come across too much in our supplement ingredient research. There have been some suggestions that this herb could help with certain things, but it’s not the most common inclusion for a supplement like this.

• Choline Bitartrate – This nutrient is found foods such as egg yolks and spinach. Choline is a precursor of phospholipids that contributes to normal fat (lipid) metabolism, which is why Bulk Powders have added it to their list. It’s a pretty good inclusion in the formula.

• BioPerine – This is basically branded Black Pepper Extract. It’s a great ingredient for any supplement and most of the top products like this contain at least some Black Pepper Extract.

• Chromium Picolinate – Chromium is always a good ingredient for a supplement like this, so we were happy to find it in the Cutting Edge formula. In case you didn’t know, it contributes to normal carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism in the body.

• Selenium Methionine – Again, this is not an ingredient we’ve come across too often. It’s believed that it could help with certain things, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a shame that Bulk Powders didn’t use a more proven ingredient in its place.

What’s Missing?

Although Bulk Powders certainly does tick some boxes when it comes to using some great ingredients, there are also some important things missing in our opinion.

It was a shame not to find the following ingredients in this supplement:

• Green Tea Extract
• Cayenne Pepper

These are two of the most important ingredients for any supplement along with Caffeine, so it was really disappointing not to find either of them in Cutting Edge.

Green Tea Extract is a potent ingredient and is commonly found in supplements like this. Meanwhile, Cayenne Pepper is another ingredient which can help to support you on your journey.

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Cutting Edge by Bulk Powders Reviews

As you can only by Cutting Edge on the Bulk Powders website and not in the shops, the only reviews we found were on the official site.

It’s not clear whether Bulk Powders edit or censor these reviews, but Cutting Edge certainly seems to be well-received by customers.

At the time of writing, it had a 92% positive rating on the website. We’re going to give Bulk Powders the benefit of the doubt and say that these reviews are all legitimate.

What About Side Effects?

The main thing to be careful of when it comes to similar supplements is the overuse of stimulants such as Caffeine.

Each daily serving of Cutting Edge contains 300mg of Caffeine, which should be OK. Just be sure to monitor your Caffeine intake from other sources as well.

We obviously also recommend that you do your own research into the ingredients.

We do also recommend that you speak to your doctor before thinking about trying any new supplements for the first time.

Is This The Best Supplement For Me?

It’s a decent product, but it doesn’t make our list of the very best five supplements on the market at the moment.

It’s missing both Green Tea Extract and Cayenne Pepper, and they are two of the very best ingredients that you’re going to find.

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Anything Else To Consider?

Remember that you should always train hard and eat right before considering taking any type of supplement.

There’s no such thing as a magic product to help you lose weight. You must combine any supplement that you do take with regular exercise and sensible lifestyle choices.

Always make sure that you’ve got your diet and training regime completely on point before taking any supplement, no matter how good it’s claimed to be.

That said, a quality supplement can help to support you on your journey if it’s used in the correct way.

Review Conclusion – Final Thoughts

That wraps up our Cutting Edge by Bulk Powders review.

Overall, this is certainly a decent product that contains a lot of good ingredients and seems to have positive feedback from customers.

However, we don’t rate it as the very best supplement on the market right now because it’s missing two key ingredients – Cayenne Pepper and Green Tea Extract.

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