Eve Mattress Review

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By Human Window Staff
Updated on July 31, 2019

Today we’re going to be reviewing the original Eve Mattress to see where it stands in the memory foam mattress market.

The memory foam mattress industry has exploded in recent years, and that means more choice than ever when it comes to picking a product.

The extra choice and competition is great, but it can also make it pretty difficult to select which mattress is the best fit for you.

The Eve Mattress was one of the first ‘bed in a box’ memory foam mattresses to hit the market in the UK and it’s one of the best-selling products out there in this category.

Product website: www.evesleep.co.uk

The purpose of this Eve Mattress review is for us to take a close look at this option from all angles so that you can decide whether it’s the right product for you or not.

We’re going to be paying particularly close attention to what the mattress is made of, how it feels, and what real customers are saying about it to see if it makes it onto our list of the best memory foam mattresses out there right now.

Picking a memory foam mattress that suits your sleeping position is vital, and we’re going to see exactly who the Eve is best made for.

So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s start taking a closer look at the Eve Mattress to see what it’s made of and where it stands.

Eve Mattress – The Basics

As we’ve already mentioned, the Eve Mattress is one of the leading memory foam products currently on sale in the UK and Europe.

The Eve Mattress was launched in February 2015 and it has since become one of the best-selling products in the category in the UK.

They developed the mattress for some years before launch, and even made as many as 70,000 prototypes before landing on the final design of the Eve Original mattress.

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The Eve range now features a range of different mattresses, pillows and other products. This review is going to focus only on the Eve Original mattress.

The original Eve Mattress starts at £349 for a UK single, with prices ranging all the way up to £849 for an Emperor size if you’re buying from the official website.

The marketing material on the official website says that this mattress has been specifically designed to be the “perfect place” to recharge you batteries with a restful night’s sleep.

It claims to feature “cloud-like comfort” to support your body and help keep aches and pains at bay.

What’s more, the manufacturers claim that the Eve Original has been specifically designed to provide comfort no matter whether you usually sleep on your side, back or stomach.

It also claims to use memory foam that is 30x more breathable than ‘old’ memory foam, so it should be able to keep you cool at night.

It’s great to see that Eve have addressed the issue of overheating, as it’s a common problem with memory foam products.

Like most of the products in this market, the Eve Mattress comes with a 100-night home trial, meaning that you can return it for a refund if you’re not happy with during that time.

The Eve Mattress features a removable (with zips) cover which is machine washable. It’s 24cm (9.4in) thick, which is standard for most products in this category.

Let’s now take a look at the layers of the Eve Mattress to see what it’s made of:

1) 4cm of Memory Foam – To help keep your spine aligned
2) 3.5cm of Polyurethane – To take the pressure off and provide a ‘snug’ fit
3) 16.5cm of High Density Support Foam – To provide strong support throughout the night

The Eve Mattress uses three different layers of foam to support a restful night's sleep

The Eve Mattress uses three different layers of foam to support a restful night’s sleep (Photo: Eve Sleep)

The Eve Mattress also features a non-slip coating on the base of the cover, to help keep the mattress in place and prevent it from moving from the base. This is a cool feature that’s not found in many other similar mattresses.

So, it all sounds pretty good to us so far, but we’ve learnt not to pay too much attention to what manufacturers say about their own products, and instead focus on how the mattress actually feels and what real customers are saying about it.

What Does The Eve Mattress Feel Like?

Now, let’s turn our attentions to what the mattress actually feels like.

The Eve is rated as a ‘medium-firm’ mattress which has been designed to feel comfortable, no matter your sleeping position.

The Eve Original has a slightly firmer feel than many of the similar mattresses out there, and it comes in at around 6.5 on the firmness scale, with 10 being ‘firm’ and 1 being ‘soft’.

The slightly firmer feel suggests that the Eve may be better suited to back or stomach sleepers, although the manufacturers are adamant that it will suit all sleeping positions.

One thing we liked about the Eve Mattress is the lack of motion transfer. This means that you shouldn’t be woken up by your partner moving around on their side of the bed.

Remember that memory foam mattresses are generally warmer than traditional mattresses, so you may find the Eve to be slightly warmer than you’re expecting.

The Positives

• Support for All Sleepers – What we like about the Eve is that it offers enough give and support to be able to suit all sleeping positions. This makes it a great option if you and your partner sleep in different ways.

• Breathable Foam for Cooling – We love the fact that Eve have directly addressed the issue of memory foam tending to be a hotter type of mattress by using breathable foam.

• 100-night Trial – You can try it at home for 100 nights and if you’re not happy with it during that time, you can return it for a refund.

The Negatives

• May Still Be Warm – Despite the breathable foam, some sleepers may still find the Eve to be a bit warmer than a traditional mattress. This is usually the case with most memory foam mattresses.

• Premium Price – Although the price has dropped recently, the Eve is still one of the more premium-priced memory foam mattresses out there. It’s worth keeping a close eye on the official website as they tend to offer some pretty generous discounts from time to time.

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Eve Mattress Reviews

We took a look on Amazon.co.uk to see what real customers were saying about the Eve Mattress.

At the time of writing, it had an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars from more than 390 reviews.

One delighted customer left a five-star review and described it as an “absolutely fantastic” mattress despite it having a slightly warm top layer.

One of the more negative reviews came from someone who gave it three stars and said that they were expecting it to feel softer than it did.

Anything Else To Consider?

It’s worth bearing in mind that customers seem to find Eve to be a firmer mattress, which means it may better suit back and stomach sleepers, who tend to prefer firmer options.

As always, the only way to be sure whether a mattress is actually going to be right for you is to give it a go.

For that reason, it’s great that Eve offer a 100-night trial for you to give it a go. You can also test it out for yourself in a range of department stores in the UK.

Also remember that memory foam mattresses in general tend to have a warmer feel than traditional mattresses.

Review Conclusion – Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of our Eve Mattress review.

Overall, we think that the Eve Mattress is a great option if you’re looking to upgrade your sleep.

It’s great that Eve has been designed for all types of sleepers. That being said, it is generally considered to be on the firmer side, which means it may suit stomach and back sleepers better than side sleepers.

You should also remember that memory foam mattresses are usually slightly warmer than traditional mattresses.

But, all things considered, we have no problem recommending the Eve as one of the leading memory foam mattresses on the market right now.

For more information and to buy: www.evesleep.co.uk

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