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Brita vs Zero Water Filter

Today we’re going to be comparing two popular water filter brands – Brita vs Zero Water. If you don’t want to drink tap water but also don’t want to have […]

Is Pasta Vegan?
Is Pasta Vegan Friendly?

Is Pasta Vegan? If you’re asking this question, then you’re probably wondering whether you can still enjoy your spaghetti while following a Vegan diet. It’s very common for things to […]

Cocoa Butter
Is Cocoa Butter Vegan and Dairy Free?

Is Cocoa Butter Vegan Friendly? Despite having ‘butter’ in its name, Cocoa Butter is indeed suitable for vegans. In case you didn’t know, Cocoa Butter is a common ingredient in […]

Dark Chocolate
Is Dark Chocolate is Good For You?

Dark Chocolate can have a number of benefits as long as it is consumed in sensible amounts. If you’re looking to find out why it may be worth adding a […]

Best Paprika Substitute
What’s The Best Paprika Substitute?

Are you following a recipe that requires Paprika but you’ve not got any at home? Or perhaps you’re simply looking for an Paprika alternative to mix things up. Either way, […]

Most breads that follow a traditional recipe are Vegan Friendly
Is Bread Vegan Friendly?

Is bread Vegan friendly? It’s a commonly asked question and the answer is not always as clear as it should be. Whether you’re just starting out following a Vegan diet, […]

Coconut Oil in Coffee
Coconut Oil in Coffee Recipe

Coconut Oil in Coffee has become much more popular recently as people look to gain the maximum benefits from their morning brew. Putting any kind of oil or butter in […]

Is Chocolate Vegan Friendly?
Is Chocolate Vegan Friendly?

Is Chocolate Vegan? And what about Dark Chocolate? These are commonly-asked questions for anybody who has just started on a Vegan diet or is thinking about following one. So, if […]

Are Maple Syrup and Honey Vegan Friendly?
Are Maple Syrup and Honey Vegan?

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably looking to find out whether Maple Syrup or Honey are suitable for Vegans or not. If you’re looking for the lowdown on […]

Ashwagandha vs Maca
Ashwagandha vs Maca

Ashwagandha or Maca? If you’re asking this question, then you may be wondering about the difference of these two supplements. They are both commonly available as supplements in health stores, […]

Maca and Matcha
Matcha vs Maca

Matcha or Maca? You’ve probably heard of both of them, but you may not know that despite sounding similar, they are completely different. The healthy food industry has boomed in […]