Powher Fat Burner For Women Review

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Human Window Staff
By Human Window Staff
Updated on December 16, 2019

Powher – the fat burner for women, also known as Powher Cut – is an exciting new supplement from the people who brought us Leanbean.

Although it’s new, there already seems to be quite a bit of buzz around this product. There are a bunch of positive reviews available, and initial feedback seems to be good.

Product website: www.powherofficial.com

Before we get started, it’s important to remember that sticking to a good diet and following a solid exercise regime should always be your starting points before even thinking about taking a supplement.

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The Powher Fat Burner follows in Leanbean’s footsteps with another formulation tailored especially for the female physique – a welcome change in a marketplace saturated with products that are either overpoweringly macho, or ambiguously generic.

This distinction is more than just visual, too. There are differences between male and female physiology, with women needing a different balance of macronutrients in their diet. With products formulated for men – or those that claim to be one-size-fits-all – there’s the risk that you won’t be getting everything you need.

And when you invest time and money into buying weight loss supplements, you want to be sure that you’re getting something that works!

This is why we were intrigued to see what ingredients Powher fat burner for women contained, how they worked, and how this delivers results.

In this review we will cover each of these points, and give you the info you need to decide whether Powher Cut is the right supplement for your needs.

The review will contain a breakdown of the science behind each ingredient, as well as customer reviews – so you don’t just have to take our word for it!

Powher Cut – The Basics

It’s great to see that this product has been specifically formulated with women in mind.

We’ve already touched on why female-specific supplements are welcome, but let’s dig a bit deeper into how Powher Cut helps women.

The formula of this product is based on the brand ethos of using ingredients that actually work, with special focus on doses that are large enough to be effective.

Powher Cut prides itself on using a potent form of soluble fiber called glucomannan, in amounts that contribute to weight loss in the context of an energy-restricted diet.

We think that this decision to base their formula on scientific literature – right down to the doses of each ingredient – is a strong tick in favour of the product.

It’s worth noting that tailoring doses toward female physiology isn’t particularly common among weight loss supplements, so Powher Cut already stands out from the crowd.

There are a couple of other things that immediately stand out about the Powher Cut ingredients.

Powher focusses on delivering superior doses and monthly servings than its competitors (180 capsules). It lends itself to women for a number of reasons:

• Glucomannan has is a dietary fiber which can help keep you feeling fuller for longer.

• It uses sympathetic amounts of natural caffeine, and no other stimulants.

• Includes iron and magnesium, which are important minerals for a number of reasons.

So, a good start. But now let’s take a look at how the ingredients in Powher Cut actually work.

The Ingredients

Let’s start this part by taking a close look at the actual ingredients label of the Powher Fat Burner.

The Powher Fat Burner ingredients label. It's great that this supplement does not use a proprietary blend, so we know the exact doses of all of the ingredients

The Powher Fat Burner ingredients label. It’s great that this supplement does not use a proprietary blend, so we know the exact doses of all of the ingredients

It’s always good when a supplement is fully transparent with what it contains, and in what quantities. You’ll notice that each ingredient is listed individually with its own quantity, rather than being lumped together with others.

This is a trick that some supplements use to hide the amount of certain ingredients. Reasons for this vary – and it’s not necessarily sinister – but we prefer to be able to see the amount of each ingredient used.

So that’s another tick for Powher Cut.

The quantities are generous too and – as we mentioned earlier – Powher Cut uses doses recommended by EU regulatory bodies where possible.

• Glucomannan – This soluble fibre, taken from the root of the konjac plant, plays a role in weight loss in the context of an energy restricted diet. This is noted to be most effective with a dose of 3g a day, which is exactly what Powher Cut uses.

• Choline – Choline contributes to normal fat metabolism, the process by which fat is stored and used in your body. Each daily dose of Powher Cut contains 90mg of choline.

• Natural Caffeine – Caffeine is a popular ingredient in supplements and is found naturally in many foods. It’s one of the most popular stimulants on the planet and you’re probably already well aware of its effects and benefits. Each daily dose of Powher Cut contains 100mg of natural caffeine.

• Iron – This important mineral contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, which fuels your body’s activities. It is also involved in transporting oxygen in your bloodstream. If you happen to be deficient in Iron, supplements can help top your levels back up to where they should be. Each daily dose of Powher Cut contains 18mg of iron.

• Magnesium – This mineral can help reduce tiredness and fatigue, to support you in leading an active lifestyle. It also contributes to normal muscle function and energy release.

Magnesium is also known to help with electrolyte balance and contributes to normal protein synthesis. As with iron, supplementing your dietary intake of magnesium can bolster its beneficial effects.

Each daily dose of Powher Cut contains 100mg of magnesium.

• Chromium – This mineral contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism: the process by which nutrients in your food are stored and broken down.

Chromium picolinate – the form in Powher Cut – has greater bioavailability than regular chromium, meaning your body should be able to absorb more of it. Each daily dose of Powher Cut contains 120mcg of chromium picolinate.

• Selenium – Selenium can play a role in keeping your thyroid functioning normally. The thyroid controls hormonal balance in your body, which themselves help to regulate metabolism. Each daily dose of Powher Cut contains 164mcg of selenium.

Other thoughts on the ingredients

Usually female fat burners contain lower quantities of caffeine than those for men, and while this is still true of Powher Cut, it’s worth noting that it contains more caffeine than Leanbean.

Does Powher Cut have any side effects?

This is a great question, and we always recommend understanding potential side effects of ingredients used in supplements.

When taken as directed, we couldn’t find any risky side effects amongst the ingredients and doses used in Powher Cut.

The directions state that each time you take Powher you should drink a large glass of water (250ml or more) to ensure it reaches your stomach correctly.

The closest would be the potential for jitters because of the caffeine, although this is only likely if you’re particularly sensitive. The 100mg dose is a sensible one.

For reference, a daily dose of Powher Cut (split into 3 servings) has as about much caffeine as one cup of strong coffee.

We always advise speaking to your doctor or another certified medical professional about any concerns you may have when choosing which supplement to take.

They’ll be able to understand how each ingredient may impact your physiology. This is especially important if you are taking any prescription medicines, or other supplements.

Is Powher Cut the right supplement for me?

If you’re a woman looking for a supplement to help you lose weight alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, then yes: Powher Cut may very well be a good match.

The product focuses on appetite suppression, with other ingredients to support your metabolism and your energy. Make sure you’re comfortable with each of those mechanisms before making the decision to use this product.

In terms of pricing, a month’s supply will cost you $69. Two months pricing will be double: $138. Or you can buy the Ultimate Powher Pack: four months’ supply for just $199, including free postage.

To help make your decision, here are some pros and cons based on what we’ve written already, and other factors:

What’s good about Powher Cut:

• It’s dosed to work, with dosage based on scientific literature.

• Glucomannan – one of the core ingredients – contributes to weight loss when combined with an energy-restricted diet.

• It’s great value: 180 capsules a month is more than you’ll get with many other supplements.

• There’s a generous returns policy if you’re not satisfied.

• Only natural ingredients are used in the formula.

• The ingredients list is transparent, with the dose of each ingredient shown.

• You can break the capsule and mix the contents into water if you aren’t a fan of swallowing pills.

• It’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and contains no gluten.

What’s bad about Powher Cut:

• It’s only available to buy from the official website, which can be restricting.

• There aren’t many reviews available yet because the product is new. We imagine this won’t be a problem for too long!

• It has something of a premium price tag, but we would qualify this with a comment that it looks to be worth the money.

Anything Else To Consider?

There isn’t a magic pill for weight loss, and Powher Cut shouldn’t be used as such.

With any fat burner supplement, you need to be eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and sleeping well.

Weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume, and supplements are designed to help you achieve this.

It’s really important to understand the role of fat burners, and to not get sucked into the idea that taking a pill will make the pounds fall away. Powher Cut won’t do this – and in fact no supplement will do this.

We also recommend speaking to a doctor if you have any other questions about Powher Cut or any other supplements. The information in this review is not medical advice.

Our Final Thoughts on Powher Cut

This is a new product on the market, from the company who brought us Leanbean.

Based on Leanbean’s popularity, we think Powher Cut is one to watch. Both are specially formulated for female physiology, with ingredients rooted strongly in scientific literature. Powher contains a bit more caffeine, and is a perfect choice for people who prefer a slightly more stimulating supplement.

The fact it is new means there are fewer reviews than we would like, but we think that these will come in quickly and will be positive. That’s based on the ingredients, the mechanisms of action, the price, and various other factors.

In short, it looks like a product that will stand out from the crowd.

We are happy to recommend Powher Cut to women looking to boost their existing weight loss efforts.

For more information and to buy: www.powherofficial.com

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