Powher Pre Workout Review – Does It Work?

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Human Window Staff
By Human Window Staff
Updated on February 20, 2019

Today we’re going to be reviewing the Powher pre workout supplement for women.

When you talk about gym supplements, often the promises on offer centre around building huge muscles and turning you into a greek god.

That’s the reality when it comes to most products, but it’s 2019 and companies have begun to design supplements tailored specifically for women.

The problem with some companies is that even though they’ve been designing and manufacturing supplements for years, they seem to not understand what women want in a supplement.

In fact, the market is rife with supplements pretending to be for women, but really all you are getting is the same supplement but with girly colors. This is quite evident when it comes to supplements – and especially the top pre workouts.

This is what makes the Powher Pre Workout exciting. Powher, as the name implies, is a pre workout designed and formulated with women in mind.

Instead of hardcore lifting, which most supplements are clearly made for, Powher is designed to be suitable for for less ‘hench activities’ including  swimming, running, hiking and and other non-weight bearing exercises.

However, if you are a ‘gym bunny’ then it is perfect for your needs too!

Product website: https://powherofficial.com

Powher Pre Workout, or simply Powher, is made by Ultimate Life, a UK-based company that specializes in female workout supplements.

The moment you see and hold the bottle, you’re filled with a feeling that this is legit and premium. And at $49.00, it better be! Here’s what the labels says it provides the

• Gives you a boost and reduces tiredness and fatigue – Powher harnesses a blend of Vitamins including Pantothenic Acid and Vitamin B6 and B12 to support better workouts.

• Low Stimulants – This is a blend unique to Powher. It’s purpose is to provide an alternative and ‘clean’ version of stimulants with side effects. More than an alternative source, it’s also capable of complementing the benefits of Caffeine.

• Includes natural caffeine amplifier EnXtra – Extends and complements the benefits of natural caffeine.

• No side effects – Many pre workouts can cause side effects such as crashing, nausea, and other things, but Powher promises to have all the good stuff without the bad.

• Rednite – A concentrated beetroot mix that’s high in Nitrate and contains 10 times of the important beneifts than regular beetrooot.

• No creatine – A pre workout without creatine can be a double-edged sword, but for women it can mean no bloating and unwanted bulking.

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How It Works

As with any supplement, the driving force behind Powher are the ingredients and their respective dosages.

The one thing we liked about Powher off the bat is how it’s not shy about its use of Sucralose, the makers are confident that the superior flavour of the pre workout won’t have a trade-offs when it comes to sugars.

In fact, that they proudly state on their website that their formula is completely guilt free with just 3g of carbs per serving.

Apart from the great taste, what does Powher have in store for us?

Powher Pre Workout Ingredients

Here is the full ingredients label of Powher:

The Powher pre workout ingredients label. It's great it doesn't us a proprietary blend

The Powher pre workout ingredients label. It’s great it doesn’t us a proprietary blend

• Vitamin B5, B6, and B12 – The Big Three of B-complex blends, these three might not additions, but working out depletes your body of these vitamins. Not only does supplementing them restore B-vitamins stores, but studies show they also offer benefits such as the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, as well as supporting normal energy release.

• EnExtra – A premium blend of lemongrass oil, licorice, and alpinia galanga. This innovative blend of ingredients are known as ‘caffeine amplifiers’. As a result, manufacturers include them so that they are able to cut down on the amount of stimulants in the product.

• Oxyjun – A branded form of the Indian extract terminalia arjuna, this ingredient is becoming increasingly popular in female pre workouts as it is stimulant free.

• Rednite – It is thought that the nitrous oxide your body produces helps to support training. Rednite is high end beetroot extract that is naturally high in nitrate.

• Coconut Water Powder – Coconuts are usually the last thing you can imagine inside a pre workout, but as it turns out they’re a really good addition. In fact, many professionals are turning to coconut water and skipping on the usual commercially-available energy drinks.

• Citrulline Malate – An amino acid naturally produced by the body, its main function is similar to Rednite, Citrulline is perhaps the most popular ingredient found in safe pre workout supplements.

• Anhydrous Caffeine – Proving true on its ‘no side effect’ claim, Powher offers caffeine at a manageable dose of 100mg per serving, which isn’t that much more than a cup of coffee. With benefits that translate to benefits in the gym, we’re not surprised to see this here.

• Beta Alanine – Beta Alanine is a popular and high quality addition to any pre workout, with 1g per serving Powher contains a nice dose of this ingredient.

• Taurine – A staple ingredient in market-leading commercially available energy drinks, taurine naturally occurs in the muscles and brain. It is consumed by most of the general public at some point in their lives. It is now very popular with gym goers too.

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So, What’s Different About It?

Powher’s aim is not to be the best supplement for everyone, but to be the go-to brand of women. The formula was designed to give women a clean source of performance-boosting energy minus the nauseating crashes.

Powher solved the equation by combining a small amount of natural caffeine with herbs that improve its effect, the result is a lower stimulant content which means no energy spikes and drops offs.

Let’s not forget to mention that it doesn’t containe creatine, an otherwise staple ingredient in almost any workout supplement.

Most supplements would receive a red mark for this, but not Powher. Remember: Powher is designed for women and to date, most women still don’t like the idea of putting on too much muscle and water weight that would render their favorite dresses unwearable. Not to mention, some girls don’t want to look more muscle-bound than their husbands or boyfriends.

Powher also made sure to polish the details, adding B-vitamins to reduce tiredness and fatigue, as well as coconut water.

Powher Watermelon

Taste and Flavours

Many pre workouts on the market aren’t flavored properly and as a result can taste watery.

Powher only comes with one flavor: Raspberry Lemonade. It’s refreshing and particularly good if drunk chilled with ice.

For women who just want to drink a pre workout without receiving a bitter aftertaste, then Powher’s Raspberry Lemonade flavor is great.

They’ve also added a bit of Sucralose to enhance the taste further which is nice of them.

How to Take It

To use it, you simply mix 10g of powder with 250ml of water, shake and then drink around 30 mins prior to exercise.

It shouldn’t take too long for you to feel the effects, but it also shouldn’t feel like you just got shotgunned with energy which is always a welcome benefit to any supplement.

What Results are Other People Getting?

The product is still fairly new, so the feedback is still on the fence when it comes to results.

However, we did find encouraging before and after results. However, searching for reviews of the supplement from other sites indicate mostly positive outcomes. This is no surprise as Powher was definitely created with a lot of scientific backing.

Quick overview

The Benefits

• Clean label – No proprietary blends or fluff, just ingredients added for performance in the gym.

• Smooth effects – You won’t feel like someone injected you with adrenaline. The clean blend of branded ingredients and vitamins supports reduced fatigue and improved energy.

• Made for women – Most women don’t like a lot of caffeine and muscle bulking, so Powher works better for them.

• No proprietary blend – We admire supplements that show doses clearly.

• Premium ingredients – It’s not cheap, but the ingredients are high quality so it’s justifiable.

The Drawbacks

• Premium price – Like we said, it ain’t cheap.

• Exclusive to the official shop – You can’t find this outside of their online store.

Powher Review conclusion – Our final thoughts

Women looking for a pre workout made just for them should look no further than Powher.

Premium ingredients, clean source of energy, no bloating, and no serious side effects, this product wants their consumers to feel satisfied with every workout session without feeling jacked up on stimulants.

Even though it’s good for weight lifting, Powher excels for those that don’t go to the gym as well.

The only thing that consumers might not like is that the price is a little higher when compared to its mainstream counterparts, but if you’re like us who don’t mind spending a bit more for something we know includes high quality ingredients not found elsewhere.

For more information and to buy now, visit: https://powherofficial.com

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