Is There A TrueDark Coupon Code or Discount Code?

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Human Window Staff
By Human Window Staff
Updated on July 07, 2020

If you’re looking for a TrueDark Coupon Code for a discount, then you’ve landed on the right page.

TrueDark are an awesome blue light blocking glasses company based in the US, and now you can save yourself some money when buying directly from their official website.

We’ve teamed up with TrueDark to offer a 10% discount off your total order value at

To get the discount, all you need to do is visit the TrueDark website through this link and use the code HUMANWINDOW during the checkout process.

We’re huge fans of the whole TrueDark range here at Human Window, and you’ve probably already seen some of their products feature on our best blue light blocking glasses page.

The awesome team over at TrueDark have kindly offered our readers a 10% discount off your order. Please note that this discount only applies to orders placed at the official TrueDark website and not on other sites.

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Read on to find out how to get your TrueDark discount by using our special coupon code.

TrueDark Coupon Code

As we’ve mentioned above, the team over at TrueDark have agreed to offer our readers a 10% discount over at

To claim and use your 10% TrueDark Coupon Code, simply follow the instructions shown below.

Click this link to visit the official TrueDark website, and use the code HUMANWINDOW during the checkout process.

As we mentioned earlier, this coupon code is only valid on the official TrueDark website and not on Amazon or other sites selling the TrueDark products.

The TrueDark Twilight Classics come with an optional insert for prescription lenses (Photo: TrueDark)

The TrueDark Twilight Classics come with an optional insert for prescription lenses (Photo: TrueDark)

So there you have it, our instructions on how to claim your TrueDark coupon code and get 10% off your order at

Let’s now take a closer look at the brand in general and take a look over their best products.

About TrueDark

TrueDark are a US-based ‘junk light’ protection company.

The firm is part of the group of companies founded by the ‘father of biohacking’ Dave Asprey.

They manufacture a range of different products, but their main focus is on their blue light blocking glasses.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses
We've picked out five leading blue light blocking glasses on the market right now for use after sunset.

In case you didn’t know, blue light blocking glasses are glasses which feature yellow or dark orange and red lenses to help reduce the amount of blue light entering the eye.

Their main products are designed for use after dark to let your body know that it’s time to start winding down and prepare for sleep.

The TrueDark Twilight Classics close up

The TrueDark Twilight Classics close up

However, they also offer other pairs of glasses for daytime use when indoors under artificial lighting. These are also useful when you’re working at a computer for long periods.

As well as their blue light blocking glasses, they also have a TrueLight range of products, which include devices for red light therapy and more.

Why We Rate TrueDark

If you’ve read our reviews of TrueDark’s main blue light blocking glasses, then you’ll know that we rate them amongst the best products on the market.

After having reviewed four pairs of TrueDark’s glasses, the thing that really stood out for us was the overall quality of the product.

Each pair of glasses comes with a high quality carrying case, cleaning cloth for the lenses and instructions guide.

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Generally speaking, we found TrueDark’s products to be the highest quality of the blue light glasses we’ve reviewed so far.

One of the other main reasons why we’re such big fans of the TrueDark range of glasses is because their lenses use patent-pending technology featuring solid colors, rather than clear lenses which have been subsequently tinted, which is the case with most other similar companies.

Right now, we rate BLUblox, Ra Optics and TrueDark as the three best brands out there if you’re looking for some high quality blue light blocking glasses.

Our Experience with TrueDark

We’ve recently written up three in-depth reviews of the main blue light blocking glasses offered by TrueDark. below is a summary of what we found from using them on a regular basis, along with a link to the full reviews.

• TrueDark Twilight Classic – We rate the TrueDark Twilight Classics as basically the best glasses for sleep to be used in the hours before bed. They feature a wrap-around designed and dark red lenses which blue out 100% of blue and green light. They are the only glasses we’ve tried that block out the most important wavelengths of light. They also feature foam padding at the top and bottom of the lenses to stop any light getting in from above or below, which is pretty cool. They are not the most stylish blue light blocking glasses out there, but they are certainly one of the most effective.

The TrueDark Twilight Classics with the box

TrueDark Twilight Elite – The Twilight Elites feature a somewhat more modern and streamlined design than the Twilight Classics. The lenses and frames are good quality, and they are designed to block out 98% of blue light. This means that they are not quite as effective as the TrueDark Classics, but they are great for use if you’re reading a book in bed or just getting on with stuff in the house while it’s dark outside.

The TrueDark Twilight Elites complete with the high-quality protective case

• TrueDark Daywalker Elite – The Daywalker Elites are designed for use during the daytime when you are being exposed to high levels of artificial light. They feature yellow lenses which are designed to block out a percentage of blue light but not all of it. They feature the same stylish frames as the Twilight Elites and we found them to be particularly useful when we were using our computer for prolonged periods in the daytime.

TrueDark Daywalker Elite close up

As we mentioned above, we were really impressed by the quality of the TrueDark products we reviewed. Yes, the range does carry a premium price tag, but you will be impressed by the quality of the product.

Anything Else To Consider?

Blue light blocking glasses are a great tool for helping to reduce your exposure to blue light in the evening. They can help you prepare for bed and are an excellent way to let your body know that it’s dark outside and time to start winding down.

However, you should not expect any blue light blocking glasses to solve all of your sleep-related problems.

These glasses are not medical devices and they are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease. You should always speak to a certified medical professional with regard to any condition requiring medical attention.

It’s always a good idea to get your diet and exercise plan sorted before thinking about trying anything else to help with your overall health.

Wrapping Things Up – Our Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of our guide to your TrueDark Coupon Code and how to get 10% off your order at

We’ve walked you through everything you need to know about the TrueDark range of glasses, including our first-hand experience with some of their bestselling models.

We have also explained how to get a 10% discount on the TrueDark website.

All you have to do us click this link and use the TrueDark Coupon Code HUMANWINDOW during the checkout process to get your discount.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses
We've picked out five leading blue light blocking glasses on the market right now for use after sunset.